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Hi! My name is Steff and I’m the maker behind Camp Clover! And this is Willy, my furry studio assistant.

Each bag is handmade in my studio, located in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.

Some of my favourite things include picnics, thrift + antique shopping, camping, wildflowers, and baked goods. I wanted a functional (but cute!) bag to take with me on all of my adventures, so in 2020 I started down the path of making my own bags... and my love for bag making has only grown from there!

As lifelong textile enthusiast and colour lover, Camp Clover combines these passions to create truly unique bags that are designed to carry your dreams and all of your essentials. Each bag is meticulously crafted with love, combining quality materials, playful aesthetics and functional designs. 

Why Camp Clover?

The name Camp Clover comes from my love of nostalgia and nature.

When we were young, my sisters and I used to hunt for four-leaf clovers in my grandma's backyard, and she would press the clovers in-between the pages of a book to preserve them. They will always remind me of her and the carefree days of childhood.

I grew up going to summer camps, and also worked at a number of camps throughout my 20s. My camp name eventually became “Clover". For me, camp is a magical place where you can slow down and appreciate the simple things.