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Natural Dyes

All items are totally handmade and hand-dyed using natural dyes - coming from plants, flowers, roots, insects, and minerals.

I love the unique colours you can get from natural dyes. Each dye has a slightly different process to coax the colour out, and results are never exactly the same… making each piece totally one-of-a-kind.

Some of my favourite dyes to work with are:

  • weld (yellow)
  • indigo (blue)
  • madder root (orange-red)
  • cochineal (pink)

Each of these are considered some of the most colourfast among natural dyes, and have a long history of use throughout the centuries. I use tested recipes and take every step to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting colour. To learn more about caring for naturally dyed items, check out the Care Info

I use these dyes as a dyer's primary colour palette, as if I was mixing paints. I'm able to combine these dye materials in different ways to create a whole kaleidoscope of colours.

Items that have been naturally dyed will show subtle variation in the colour, with some lighter/dark areas, natural flecks, etc. This is part of what gives naturally dyed textiles such beautiful depth and character.

Natural dyeing is a time intensive process with many steps involved, but is so worth the effort. It's as much a science as it is an art! It allows me to be to be in touch with the materials, understand their properties and to use them in creative ways. There is always something new to learn with natural dyeing, which keeps me on my toes!

Artisan Made Bags

Each bag is handmade start-to-finish in my in-home studio. My goal is to make items that are functional, built to last, made from sustainable materials… but are also colourful and offer something totally unique! I love the idea of a bag that can keep up with your everyday adventures, while having a little fun and letting your personality shine.

I’m always thinking about durability in each step of the making process – from the dyes I choose to work with, to the design, construction and materials used in the bags. I use heavy-duty threads, double sewn seams where necessary, reinforced straps, solid brass hardware and heavyweight organic canvas. I do all of my sewing on an antique Singer 201k sewing machine from the 1950s, which is able to handle the heavy duty sewing exceptionally well.

Be sure to check out my Instagram and my TikTok for a closer look at the making process!