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Care Info


Naturally dyed items require just a *little* more care than something that has been synthetically dyed. The following info will help you understand and maintain your bag's unique colouring. 

I like to call natural dyes “living colour,” as they can slowly shift with use and sun exposure – which adds to the character of the bag! Over time, some colours may lighten, some may become a little more muted, or some may even get darker, depending on the dye used.

For wearable bags, I only choose dyes that have a long history of use and are considered among the most colourfast of the natural dyes, to ensure a long-lasting colour.

To prolong vivid colours, store your bag out of sunlight when not in use.

Some natural dyes are sensitive to acids, such as lemon or wine. This can displace or change the colour. Best to be careful around drinks, just in case!

Indigo dyed items (specifically dark blue or dark greens) may transfer a little bit of colour in the first few wears. This is a natural process for anything dyed with indigo, similar to a new pair of jeans. Out of an abundance of caution, avoid wearing with white or very light colours for the first few wears.


Do not spot treat. Dry brush off any dirt.

Gently handwash in lukewarm water with a mild soap (something with neutral pH, such as blue Dawn dish soap, Dr. Bonner’s castile soap, Woolite). Gently re-shape, use a towel to pat off excess water, and lay flat to dry out of the sun.

After washing, canvas may dry with some light creasing or wrinkles. These should soften with use.